Celebrating the media’s pre-launch, a photo exhibition was held with photographer Yuri Takada who shot photos for findshikoku.com. The photos were printed with Awa washi, traditional Japanese paper, made in Tokushima Prefecture and which highlights the calmness of the sceneries. This particular paper has a history of 1300 years and was designated a traditional craft product by the national government in 1976. The merit of the paper is not only its water resistance and its toughness, but also its unique texture. It has long fascinated a number of domestic and international artists.



“When I travel, I always think of how I might adapt to the flow of time at my destination.
The piercing coldness of the earth that gradually warms with rising sun, the humidity of the air between the islands, the invisible gap I feel at the boundary of the sky and the sea.
These seem to have merged together to create a place that is both comfortable and unique.
I shot scenes of areas that have remained unchanged since ancient times, allowing for elevating the human spirit, as if being there and breathing it in.
I hope these photos will help to spread the appeal of Shikoku to even more people.” – Yuri Takada



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