“YUI-ISHIYA” is located near Ieura port of Teshima, ISHIYA is a renovated traditional Japanese inn
that welcomes guests with a gorgeous Japanese garden. The house has three spacious and wonderfully-designed
private rooms ‒ both Japanese and Western-style rooms.
You can either book the rooms separately or rent all three rooms.
Feel the life on the while enjoying the traditional scenic view of Setouchi islets.

Location: 2163 IeuraTeshima Tonosho-cho Shozu-gun, Kagawa
Facilities: Bedroom x 3 / Kitchen x 1 / Bathroom x 2
Accommodates: 7 (Room A: 3, Room B&C: 2)
Price: Room A: from 25,000JPY / Room B&C from 22,000JPY / 3 rooms from 77,000JPY

Website: www.yui-teshima.com
E-mail: contact@yui-teshima.com