Mild climate, the calm water of a lake and the beauty of scattered islands in the Seto Inland Sea –the local people may take all of this for granted, but the scenery of Seto is uniquely beautiful. This beauty has been expressed in waka poems since ancient times, has fascinated foreign visitors and was designated Japan’s first national park in 1932.

Beyond the Shikoku Mountains are lands with different traditions and cultures. Each of the four Shikoku prefectures has developed its own unique way of life, in harmony with nature. Shikoku still holds a variety of undiscovered attractions for the outside world, including the vibrant colors of nature on display, the unique island air and a sense of time that seems to flow more slowly than it does in the outside world.

We pre-launched an English language media platform, “”, as a means for providing more than simply sightseeing guides to an international audience. Our aim is to make this a digital platform that collects “useful information”, “stories to tell” and “inspirational scenes” related to Shikoku.